How to Take a Sample

Water sampling kits may be picked up at the following locations and delivered between the hours listed:

Kinetico Quality Water Systems– (9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday thru Thursday except holidays)
1224-C Broadway
Placerville, CA 95667
(530) 621-4200

Rumsey-Lang Well Drilling– (8 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday thru Thursday except holidays)
4241 Business Drive
Cameron Park, CA 95682
(530) 677-5361

WATER POTABILITY SAMPLING INSTRUCTIONS (Bacteria Testing for Total Coliform & E.coli)

After Receiving Your Kit:
1)  If your kit contains an ice pack* remove from kit and place ice pack only in freezer overnight.
2)  Wait until the ice pack has frozen to take the sample.  It is best to take the sample right before you intend to deliver your kit.

Preparation Just Prior to Sampling:
1)  Be sure there are no hoses, sprayers or filters attached to the tap you have chosen.
2)  Wash hands thoroughly.
3)  If the sample is to be taken from a kitchen tap, remove the faucet screen.
4)  Disinfect the sample site.  This can be done by scrubbing the end of the faucet inside and out with a discarded toothbrush dipped in unscented chlorine bleach.
5)  Flush tap by turning the cold water fully on for three minutes.
6)  After three minutes, reduce the water flow to about the size of a pencil, in order to permit filling without splashing.

Do not open sample bottle until you have completed all of the above steps!

Sample Collection:
1)  Completely remove & discard plastic safety seal by pulling on the red tab strip.  Uncap the sterile bottle.  Be sure not to set the cap down or touch the inner surface of the cap.
2)  Scoop the open bottle into the water stream with a slight “J” motion.  Fill to the shoulder line or just a little above.  Be careful not to over fill beyond the bottle’s neck. Over filling can contaminate the sample.  In addition, sample bottles contain a preservative (the white powder) that must not be flushed out.
3)  Tilt the bottle ever so slightly as it is pulled away from the water, being careful not to touch the lip or inside of bottle with anything other than the tap water.
4)   Recap immediately & tightly.

l)  Please fill out the client portion of your Laboratory Data Sheet. It is especially important to include current contact information so that we may easily reach you should your sample test positive for bacteria. Also include the sample site address, mailing address, sampling location, date and time sample was taken, and initials of the person taking the sample. By providing an email address, we will be enabled to expedite processing of your laboratory report. Mark the appropriate choice should you need a copy of your report sent to a government agency.
2)  Choose the appropriate turnaround time needed. If your water sample tests positive for total coliforms or E. coli, we will contact you at the phone number you provide within 24 hours of test completion and follow up with a written report within five business days. Should you require written results in less time, please mark the appropriate rush box. If written results are requested prior to five business days after the sample was received by the laboratory, rush charges will be applied. (Business days are Monday through Friday, not including holidays or weekends.) Reports may be sent to additional addresses and/or fax numbers for an extra fee. There is no extra charge for sending an emailed report to a government reporting agency.
3)  Place completed form and instructions into the provided plastic bag and seal the bag to protect paperwork from moisture.

Transport & Delivery:
l)  Place the sample bottle, frozen ice pack* and plastic bag with paperwork into sample container and deliver your sample back to where you obtained it before the location’s cutoff time,  MONDAY THROUGH THURSDAY ONLY. 

All potability samples must be received by W.E.T. Lab less than 24 hours after sample has been taken. When delivering to a drop-off location, please allow extra time for courier service AND be sure to alert attendant that your sample is close to its expiration time. Samples more than 24 hours old will be invalidated and you will be required to collect a replacement sample in order for W.E.T. Lab to provide a State Certified report.

*If your kit does not contain an ice pack, please be sure to deliver your water within 4 hours of sampling. If it is necessary to hold sample longer than 4 hours and/ or in warm weather, place filled sample bottle in a refrigerator OR with ice until it can be delivered. Do not wait too long, however, as samples received by W.E.T. Lab that are more than 24 hours old must be invalidated.




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