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“Wanted to say THANK YOU! and enjoyed visiting the lab and so appreciated meeting and spending time with Rick, and meeting Steve as well, plus discussing water treatment and its importance to the world…. Couldn’t have imagined our good fortune to have chosen W.E.T Lab…. We can’t THANK YOU enough for your kind generosity at every level – Again and Again and Again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU…. D. & R.

The S. Family of Shingle Springs (August 2017)

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“In mid  2009 I became very, very sick.  After enough time had passed that I should have been feeling better,  I began to think that it might be my well water.  I did some investigation and found W.E.T. Lab in Shingle Springs, CA. I contacted them and arranged for a sample of my well water to be taken to the lab.  A few days later they called me with the news that my well was indeed contaminated with E. coli bacteria. I quit drinking my well water and got immediate medical attention.

“After my recovery, I asked if they knew anyone who could fix my well. They referred a local company, the repairs were made, and now I have the lab test my well water yearly to be sure it is safe for me to drink. Everyone in Customer Service has always been so nice and extremely helpful. AND… I just received another ‘clean’ test yesterday!  (January 2012). I recommend them highly.

“Thanks so much, WETLab!”

Cherie G. of Shingle Springs, CA

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