BRI – Commercial Well Diagnostics and Analysis

Blodgett Research Institute for Waterborne Infectious Diseases (BRI) – is a wholly owned subsidiary of Blodgett Research, Inc. and WETLab which specializes in diagnosing the health of commercial water wells and water delivery systems.

Water wells generally have a 40 – 50 year life span before they become biofouled, plugged and need to be abandoned.  With the cost of bringing new commercial wells online hovering around $1,500,000, it makes sense for municipalities and water delivery companies to extend the life of their existing wells as long as possible.  BRI assists in that process by providing unique bacterial testing and analysis, enabling well operators to make the proper decisions about regenerating or remediating problem wells.

For more information about BRI, please follow the link below.

Blodgett Research Institute


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