Water Environmental Testing Laboratory (W.E.T. Lab) is a State Certified Water Testing Laboratory serving Northern California since 1994.

W.E.T. Lab is a dedicated team of Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D. level scientists and certified water testing technologists who, together, have over 120 years of professional experience in water testing.


Each lab technician at W.E.T. Lab has been tested and certified to perform and interpret the results of the water tests we offer. They also receive regular continuing education classes and have their work reviewed through regular quality control and quality assurance programs.  This attention to detail ensures the consistent reliability of W.E.T. Lab’s test results.


Our training and experience provides you the assurance that your water tests have been properly performed and double checked for accuracy by skilled scientists who take their work and your family’s health very seriously.  And because we specialize in testing drinking water supplies, W.E.T. Lab is able to provide you the finest professional tests at very reasonable costs and with no hidden fees.



We are scientists committed to performing good science. We recognize that by employing W.E.T. Lab our clients are entrusting us with their own health and that of their families. We will honor that trust by performing every test with the utmost in scientific integrity and attention to detail. In addition, W.E.T. Lab does not believe in unnecessary testing: If you are unsure about what kind of testing you need, we’ll happily provide an honest verbal assessment to the best of our ability and will never recommend unnecessary testing. Once received, we will treat every sample as if it were our own. By doing so, we will build a satisfied and loyal base of clients who will become repeat customers and gladly refer us to their families and friends.  In this way – one test at a time – we will grow to be the most accurate and respected water testing lab in California.


W.E.T. Lab will provide each and every client with water testing of the highest level of scientific diligence at the lowest possible cost. In doing so, we will contribute to the health and safety of our clients and their families.  We will ensure that every interaction with each client is a positive one of trust and professionalism.


W.E.T. Lab experts are available for consultation with our clients at no cost from 10am to 4pm Monday thru Thursday. Additional times may be available by appointment.


Blodgett Research supports Bright Water Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to eliminating waterborne infectious disease worldwide.

For more information visit https://brightwaterfoundation.org/


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